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OUR Story

Mother Daughter Duo

Fast forward 10 years later and here we are. My moms passion for learning a new technology and teaching it to her students is instilled in me. While I was in junior college my mom called me and asked if I had been seeing all these wedding videos going around facebook. I told her I had and she said “I think we could do it.” It was right then and there that we started Pulley Productions. I naturally went on to becoming a video production teacher as well. So this video things had made a full circle. I am absolutely blessed to be able to work side by side with the one person that instilled my passion for video and teaching from the very beginning.

I remember the day my mom brought home a camera with an “assignment from a professional development meeting at school” to make a video of her kiddos at home. We decided to make a video of all of the “Pulley Tats” jumping on the trampoline. Mom shot the video and then went back to professional development the next day and edited the video. I remember her bringing the video home and showing us and thinking it was the coolest thing. It was from that moment that my interest in video sparked. Mom went on to become the video production teacher at the high school in our home town and I eventually was in her class.



Small Town

Grew up in the small town Newkirk, America with only had one stoplight and everyone knew everyone. It was the absolute best, but now I don’t know what I would do without a TJ

life, basketball wife

Mom was a big time basketball player so naturally basketball was my sport. I played at NOC Enid, Go Jets! And now I’m married to a basketball coach. Could you have guessed?March is one of our favorite times of the year.

TJ Maxx

I would say about half of my cloths are from TJ Maxx. I am all about finding a bargin. If I have a free Saturday you can find me wondering around TJ. Sometimes I walk out with absolutely nothing. It’s all about the hunt!

Love For

I did my student teaching in England for 3 months on an air-force base. It sparked my love for travel and I haven’t stopped ever since. Every January I start getting the itch to start planning a trip and I think it stems from being in Europe during those months.

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